Aerial Ladder Operations

A new drone video camera system that’s being developed by a Toronto company could have some serious implications for drone pilots.

The FPV Camera System is a “real-time, live-streamed live feed” that can stream the footage from the drone to an external camera that can produce 360-degree video.

In other words, it could allow a drone pilot to “capture the moment” from a real-time aerial video stream, which is important for some drone users, according to Peter Nappi, CEO of the Canadian firm that developed the system.

A drone’s camera feeds are typically uploaded to the cloud, but in this system the drone is able to “live-stream” the feed from a drone to its external camera and then “record” the video on an external device such as a GoPro camera.

“We’re going to be able to live-scan the footage that we have,” said Nappis CEO in a video interview with CBC News.

If this is the future of video, you’re probably not going to want to be using a GoPro.

But Nappisi said that FPV footage would be “super-dense” in comparison to real-life footage.

There are a few different types of FPV cameras on the market, including the popular GoPro-like cameras that are currently being used in the U.S. and the FPV-camera for drones such as the FP-3 and FP-5.

What’s more, FPV video is “a little bit more expensive” than live-cams.

This is because FPV is “all about capturing the image at the frame rate,” said Nadia Gharib, co-founder of the FP V Systems company, in an interview with Global News.

That means that the camera feeds will have to be “densely compressed” to be uploaded to a drone.

But if this is really the future, you might want to use a GoPro instead of a GoPro Hero3.

And in fact, it’s already possible to live stream FPV videos to GoPro cameras.

In fact, you can even use a drone like the Phantom 4 Pro with GoPro.

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