Aerial Ladder Operations

The FAA has delayed the rollout of a drone that is set to take off over the Bay Area for a test flight.

The FAA on Wednesday delayed the drone launch, saying that its technical team could not get the drone to land at the San Francisco International Airport in time for the flight.

It was not clear how many people would be able to participate in the flight, though a spokesman for the FAA said that there would be about 2,000 people on the ground who would be eligible to fly the drone.

The drone was expected to be flown by an aircraft operator who is licensed to operate commercial aircraft.

The decision came in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the San Jose Mercury News and an Associated Press story, which said that the FAA had not issued an order for the drone’s launch.

The agency was seeking information about the drone as a demonstration of the agency’s drone technology, which includes technology that can identify objects on the battlefield and make them invisible to enemy aircraft.

It also sought details about how the drone would be used.

The AP first reported the delay on Tuesday.

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