Aerial Ladder Operations

Operators of the Saca-4A aircraft will take to the skies for a special show on Friday evening, in which they will test the power of aerial operatics to bring attention to a pressing problem in the region.

The performance will be a joint operation between the Sacanis, an Italian company that makes aeroplanes, and the Royal Aircraft Society (RAS).

The Sacanises are working to bring aerial operatic performance to the region, where an increasing number of children are becoming infected with the coronavirus.

A team of RAS pilots will fly the Sacans’ propeller-driven aircraft on a six-day journey to test their aerial opera skills, and to bring the Sacas into the public eye, the company said.

“The Sacans are looking forward to providing the best aerial operas in the world, using the Sacano’s technology and expertise,” the company added.

The Saca family of aircraft, founded in 1884, is based in the north of Italy.

The family was the first to fly a propeller powered aircraft to the international airshow in 1939, and has since been producing propeller aircraft in a number of countries, including in the United States, Russia and India.

The aviation community has been in mourning following the death of Giulio Sacano, who died on April 30 of the coronacovirus.

The Royal Aircraft Foundation (RAF) has worked to ensure that aerial operato is a safe activity for children and their families, and its work is a testament to the amazing contribution that the Sacanos have made to aviation. The Sacanís family has always been deeply committed to providing air and space for children to be part of aviation and its heritage.

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