Aerial Ladder Operations

The new aerial operators training manual, which is designed to train aviation workers in the field, has created a huge controversy.

It includes no references to the FAA’s oversight of the industry and instead focuses on how to implement “common sense” aviation safety regulations.

The manual also says that the FAA “does not regulate the flying environment,” instead pointing to a section called “Operational Safety,” which is largely ignored by the manual.

It even refers to the use of “satellite technology,” which was described in the manual as “a new technology that is expected to provide greater safety for the flying public.”

The manual was published on June 18.

It was quickly pulled down after a public outcry.

“The FAA did not make any effort to correct errors in the document that were included in the production,” the FAA said in a statement to MSNBC.

The FAA said the manual “is designed to assist aviation workers with the task of ensuring that their skills are appropriate for the type of operations that they are likely to perform.

The Manual does not address the issue of how to use and maintain an aircraft safely.

The information in the Manual is intended to be helpful to the pilot and the operator, and does not reflect the position of the FAA.”

The FAA is trying to change the wording in the FAA manual, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

The NTSB said the FAA was “not doing enough to ensure that the manuals are accurate.”

The NTSBs office of inspector general said it is investigating the incident.

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