Aerial Ladder Operations

The FAA is expected to announce new requirements for air traffic controllers and air traffic control staff, which would mean they will need to train to operate aeroplanes and planes in the next decade, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In its latest annual report, the FAA says it has set the “next steps” for its air traffic operations staff, including the hiring of additional people, training and the provision of “significant support services” to help air traffic controller training and certifications.

But the report also includes a number of key recommendations for what the agency can do to boost its air travel operations.

Among them: “We should continue to prioritize the provisioning of technical, training, and related support services to air traffic command staff,” the report says.

“To support the transition to a new system of air traffic controls, the Administrator will continue to support air traffic management by providing technical assistance, training resources, and technical support services for air controllers, air traffic system operators, and air navigation controllers.”

The FAA said it is not yet finalizing the next steps for its staff, who will need training to “take advantage of the capabilities of new technologies and equipment.””

This will require the continued support of the air traffic service providers, as well as the appropriate and timely provision of assistance and training for air carriers and air operators.”

The FAA said it is not yet finalizing the next steps for its staff, who will need training to “take advantage of the capabilities of new technologies and equipment.”

The new requirements, which the agency said are in line with recommendations of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Civil Aviation Safety and Security, would “continue to support the air operators in ensuring safe operations” of airliners and planes, according to the WSJ.

However, the agency noted that it will not be able to make those changes immediately.

“While the FAA expects the next generation of air transportation systems to be developed in a manner consistent with FAA standards, these standards do not yet fully address the transition from a system of controlled airspace and controlled airspace operations to a system where all air traffic will be required to comply with Federal Aviation Act and FAA regulations,” the agency wrote.

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