Aerial Ladder Operations

The Irish Government has announced that it is making pilot operators responsible for the safe operation of helicopters.

The move comes as pilots continue to be involved in an ongoing air disaster in the north west of the country.

More than 100 people were killed in an explosion at an industrial site in Co Meath last week.

It was one of the deadliest accidents in Irish aviation history.

The Government said it will be looking at ways to encourage pilots to take responsibility for their crews.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross said pilots would now have to take the responsibility for the safety of their aircraft.

He said that the decision would also include a new code of practice.

The Minister said he expected pilots to be given more training, including in air safety.

It comes as the Government has confirmed that more than 100 have died and hundreds more injured in accidents involving helicopter operators since the outbreak of the pandemic.

This is the first time that pilots will be responsible for operating a helicopter safely and safely.

Mr Ross said that pilots should be trained to take a more informed and responsible approach.

“This will help to keep our helicopters in a better state of health and safety,” he said.

Aircraft pilots and aircraft operators will also be required to have an AOAC certificate and to complete a refresher course on aviation.

This will also include having a personal health and personal safety assessment.

There will also have to be an update on the implementation of the Air Safety Strategy.

A pilot must have the minimum number of hours flown in a given period.

He must also pass a physical and mental fitness test.

The pilot must pass an aircrews check.

They must also take a proficiency test.

The pilot also must pass a basic safety assessment before being issued a flight licence.

This can be done through a personal safety examination, or through the Aviation Safety Authority.

Any pilot who fails this test will be subject to a fine of up to €5,000.

If the pilot is not assessed as having sufficient experience, he or she will be barred from flying for three years.

The government said that if an operator is suspended, they will be given a 30-day notice period to appeal.

But if the operator is reinstated, the period will extend to six months.

Mr Ross also said that a pilot who does not pass a training course and fails an AOC exam will be banned from flying until the AOC and safety assessment have been completed.

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