Aerial Ladder Operations

The Army’s first drones are here, and they are going to take off.

The Army will begin piloting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as soon as 2019, according to a March 2016 Army news release.

It plans to train pilots and operators on how to use them to deliver munitions, conduct surveillance and help monitor battlefield conditions.

But the Army has been slow to fully embrace UAVs, and its plans haven’t always been as aggressive as its military might want.

As of April 2016, the Army had deployed only about 4,200 UAV-equipped drones in the United States.

The UAV pilot program has largely been kept secret, despite a push by the Obama administration to make the UAV program more transparent.

It also hasn’t had the kind of sustained success that the Air Force has seen.

The Air Force is expected to announce the first UAV fleet in 2020, though that is not expected to be the case until the 2030s.

That’s because the Air Department has to certify the vehicles before they can be flown.

The announcement is a boost for the Army, which has been waiting for a year to get the program off the ground.

The new Army drone program has been in the works for months, and the Air and Marine Corps have already launched their own drone pilot program.

The program has some key differences from the Army’s other drone program, which is focused on drones that can be used to deliver weapons to troops and civilians.

For one thing, the Airborne Weapons System (AWS) is designed to operate in hostile environments, and while it has some unmanned aerial vehicle (UAT) capabilities, it’s not the same kind of drone the Army plans to use in the drone piloting program.

While the Army is building a drone that can fly on the open sea, the AWS doesn’t.

Instead, it is a platform designed to be able to operate autonomously on land and air.

That means that the Army won’t be able launch the drones into the air unless they have the right clearance, a key requirement for any future drone fleet.

The drone pilot pilot program is also different from the Air Corps’ unmanned aerial systems, which are used to target and kill enemy troops.

The Army has said that it will use the drone pilots to carry out operations in enemy-held areas.

In fact, the U.S. Air Force, the Navy and Marine units that control the drones in its drone fleet have all been in active operations since at least the mid-2020s, according an analysis by the New America Foundation.

The current drone pilot programs have been largely based around training drone operators in the Air National Guard.

While the Air Forces are currently deploying drones to support air operations and strike missions, it isn’t clear that the UAFs are ready to handle the sort of missions that the drone program is designed for.

For example, the drone’s most recent operation was in November, when it dropped a Hellfire missile on ISIS forces in Syria.

The drone’s operators also had to get permission from a command in the military, which would require them to be in the same country as the target and the mission.

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