Aerial Ladder Operations

Drone operators, who make up the majority of the air force, are expected to make up a majority of drone operators in Afghanistan next year.

The Afghan Air Force is expected to employ about 70,000 drones this year, according to the Afghanistan Air Force Association (AFA). 

The AFA says drones will make up 70% of the Afghan air force in 2020.

The AFA’s report estimates that the Afghan Air Forces unmanned aircraft will fly in more than 80% of air force missions. 

The drone program is being developed under the Afghan Defense Ministry’s Integrated Aviation Development and Research Agency (IEDRA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). 

Currently, the AFA reports that the drones can fly for as little as $1,000, though the average cost is $3,000 per drone.

The drones are mostly used in the fight against insurgents, but some have been used in hostage rescue and other situations.

The Afghans government is looking for ways to expand its drone program and to develop new technologies, such as drones that can operate autonomously, the report said.

The report says that the Afghans Air Force hopes to use the drones in the field by 2021, but there are also many unmanned aircrafts in the country.

The government has already begun using drones in a training exercise with the United States in February.

In July, the government also announced that drones will fly over Afghanistan from a US airbase in Nangarhar, which is home to the US and NATO bases.

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