Aerial Ladder Operations

In a world in which drones are used to spy on people, this is no longer enough.

The military is now developing an aerial drone, the A7, to monitor military installations in earthquake zones.

The A7 is a highly-configurable drone with an onboard GPS that uses cameras to measure the size and location of the ground objects that are moving in the quake zone.

It can also send alerts to the ground to warn of earthquakes.

The drone has a built-in GPS and can be equipped with sensors that can measure earthquake intensity and size.

The FAA plans to launch a public competition to get the drone into service by the end of 2019.

The Air Force also wants to have its own drone, and it’s looking to put it in use by 2020.

The U.S. military is looking to take a page from the Israeli Air Force’s playbook and put a drone in the hands of its soldiers.

The IDF has an Air Force RQ-170 Black Hawk that is also capable of carrying advanced sensors that are designed to monitor earthquakes and monitor soldiers.

But its main goal is to be a highly accurate military drone, a goal that has been achieved in some ways by other countries like Israel.

Israel has its own drones, the Iron Dome missile defense system.

But it’s not always accurate.

The system is very accurate, but it can’t detect the threats from far away.

The Iron Dome system is also expensive, costing more than $200 million to develop and maintain.

In the case of the A8, the Israeli military has decided to develop its own sensor system that can do that job.

It uses a camera and an onboard computer to identify objects and then send the data to the military.

The sensor system can detect earthquakes that are 3 centimeters or less in size.

When the earthquake happens, the sensor system sends an alert to the base.

The alert can be sent to the commander, who can then respond to the alert.

But the alert can’t be used to find the source of the earthquake, because the military’s system does not have an antenna to detect seismic activity.

Israel’s system can do this, but the IDF’s is still in development.

The sensors that the IDF uses are designed for low-Earth orbit satellites and don’t have a lot of capability in low Earth orbit.

Israel is also not alone in its efforts to build its own sensors.

The United States has been working on an autonomous aerial surveillance system that it calls the Eos.

The Pentagon has also been looking into a drone that can detect objects that size, called a Drones for the Army.

The Drones are also being developed for the Air Force, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on a system called the Drones For the Air Command.

But for now, the AirForce is focusing on building its own system, and then integrating the drones into their operations.

The Army is also working on its own version of an airborne drone called the T-10.

The T-20 is a much smaller drone, about 1 meter long, but can detect seismic activities at up to three meters.

The main purpose of the T10 is to monitor the size of structures in earthquake areas.

The drones also detect seismic hazards from other types of sensors, such as radar.

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