Aerial Ladder Operations

The United States leads the world in drone operations with nearly half of all drone flights.

Australia has seen the largest percentage of its drones flying overseas, followed by China, Canada, New Zealand and Israel.

However, the top five countries that fly the most drones are: United States: 51% Australia: 49% China: 46% India: 42% Israel: 41% United Kingdom: 39% The United Kingdom is the most likely to fly drones in the world, but it only has 13% of the total.

The United Arab Emirates has the most civilian drones flying, with 10,000 flights per year.

India has one of the lowest civilian drone numbers in the Middle East.

Drone strikes have been a major factor in the US’s war against ISIS, but the Obama administration has been less active in attacking the militant group.

The drone wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan are continuing, but drone strikes are not taking place as often.

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