Aerial Ladder Operations

Drone operator instructor Andrew Brown is aiming to train more than 40,000 drone operators in the next three years, as the Government continues to work on a plan to overhaul Australia’s fleet of aircraft.

The $100 million pilot training program will involve more than 60 pilots over the next five years and will involve training in advanced skills such as navigation, communication, flying under radar and manoeuvring aircraft.

“We’re hoping that will enable us to continue to have the right pilots in the right places at the right time,” Mr Brown said.

“The pilot training will be a really valuable part of that.”

The pilot course will also provide the opportunity for pilots to learn to fly their own aircraft and be exposed to different flying environments.

The piloting course, called the Pilots Education and Training Program, will involve an average of 80 pilot candidates over the five years it is to be implemented.

“Our goal is to get more than 30,000 in the air by 2020, but there will be some of the students who are not on the training path,” Mr Green said.

The program will see a pilot trainee take up a job as an aeroplane instructor.

“This will allow them to fly for the first time and get their first job out of school,” Mr McAfee said.

Mr McAfee is keen to see the Government’s focus on training in the future.

“It’s important that we have the skills for our future aircraft and aircraft in the country,” he said.

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