Aerial Ladder Operations

The Federal Aviation Administration says the air traffic controllers at Vancouver’s ifsac and Victoria Airport are in a position to free the air from a dangerous winter storm.

The FAA says the ifsac air traffic control tower was not operating properly, which could have prevented an airplane from taking off.

An FAA spokesperson said in a statement Friday that the FAA’s Office of the Inspector General is looking into the situation.

The FAA said the ifsac tower at Vancouver Airport was not functioning properly when an airplane took off at the airport on Dec. 3.

The tower has been down for three days, and FAA staff were trying to contact the tower at least twice a day.

The air traffic controller at the ifca was not able to contact it, the FAA said.

The ifsakac tower is the most important air traffic command center at Vancouver International Airport.

The airport was already shut down on Dec 15 for several days after an engine failure at the Vancouver airport caused a major fuel spill.

A spokeswoman for the Vancouver Airport Authority said the authority is working with the FAA to find out how the ifa tower could have worked.

It’s a big problem when you’re talking about the largest airport in North America, and the ifsa tower is a critical command center, she said.

I’ve heard from a number of people that it would have been an easy task to just call in a plane and get it airborne.

Bryan Dube, a Vancouver resident, was driving his family to the airport when he saw the FAA announcement.

He said he was thankful that his father was able to get the air plane off the ground safely.

“I’m not a big fan of government intervention and it would be nice to know that if you want to fly commercial, the authorities are going to make sure that your plane is flying safely and that the pilots are getting their jobs done,” he said.

He hopes to see if the FAA investigates.

In the meantime, he said he’ll take advantage of free air travel.

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