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Axios/The Wall Street Journal/Getty ImagesA federal court in Texas ruled on Monday that the FBI can access your iPhone 6 devices even if you have an Apple ID.

The case stems from a 2013 warrant issued to the FBI, seeking information on the owners of the devices, including a person who was arrested.

The FBI argued that it had no warrant to obtain the information because the warrant application was issued “inadvertently.”

The court disagreed, saying the FBI was acting with “actual malice” when it obtained the data.

The court ruled that the warrant “must be treated as though it were issued without an application for a production order.”

The order said that the information obtained from the warrant was “subject to inspection by a Federal law enforcement officer.”

The FBI was able to get access to the information after the court approved the application for an application to search the phone.

The court’s ruling did not require the FBI to provide the information, and the FBI has not yet said how it will comply.

The FBI, which has faced criticism for the practice, has previously defended the new tool, which is called the “Apple Keychain.”

In a statement, FBI Deputy Director Brian Fallon said that “an FBI agent must obtain a warrant to access a smartphone to obtain information about the owner.”

The judge’s ruling is likely to spur more scrutiny of the bureau’s use of the technology.

In the past, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been able to access iPhones without warrants because they were able to identify the phone’s unique identifier and the device’s unique manufacturer identifier.

But in the past two years, the bureau has been forced to stop using this technique because of privacy concerns.

In the ruling, Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote that the Apple Keychain is not “an effective investigative tool” because it “does not provide a record of who the owner is, the number of times that the phone has been used, or any other identifying information.”

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