Aerial Ladder Operations

By now, you’ve probably heard the news about drone technology being used to help firefighters in New Jersey, New York, and California.

But the real story behind the technology isn’t how it’s used, or how it can save lives, but how it could help you, too.

If you’ve been to a fire, you’re likely familiar with the way that drones have been used to provide a glimpse of the scene.

In some cases, they’re used to identify the location of a burning building, or help find a missing person.

But, as drone technology continues to gain popularity, the same technology has also been used for a range of different applications.

The first of these is for emergency responders.

The National Fire Protection Association’s National Fire Drone Summit (NFPA) took place in New York this week and brought together thousands of firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and other professionals to share their expertise on drone technology and how it helps them save lives.

As the summit’s organizers explained, drone technology has been used by fire crews in the U.S. for more than 40 years, and it’s a proven, reliable tool.

In fact, the NFPA points out that a 2013 study by the American Fire Protection Council found that firefighters use the technology in the most critical cases.

“This technology is also incredibly effective in saving lives, which is why the NFAP is so proud to partner with GoPro to deliver this Summit to help the public understand how this technology can help save lives in their own backyard,” said Rob Lippman, NFPA Executive Director.

“As a member of the NFPAA, I am very proud of the work that we’re doing with GoPro.”

As drone technology is expanding, it’s also becoming more prevalent in emergency response, with an increasing number of states, counties, and municipalities using drones in an effort to help prevent fires and protect people.

In New York and New Jersey recently, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) launched a pilot program that lets people use drones to locate fires.

In the pilot program, participants are able to take a selfie and upload it to the DEC’s website.

They can then search for the location by using the GPS coordinates.

As of this week, the program has already saved four lives and is currently accepting applications.

“I know that drone technology saves lives,” said NYS Fire Chief Michael J. Smith.

“That’s why we are so excited about the DEC program.”

Another program, the NYPD’s Urban Firefighter Safety Team, has also partnered with GoPro.

The team uses drones to help locate victims of car crashes.

The program is still in its early stages and only has one pilot.

“We’re trying to use drones that are capable of doing this mission, which involves identifying vehicles and then providing the information to the drivers of those vehicles,” said Police Chief James O’Neill.

“It’s a big, huge task.”

The New York City Fire Department has also teamed up with GoPro, which allows the department to save people’s lives with its “Hover” drone.

The drone is able to hover over a person in a building, giving them the ability to see and hear what’s going on in the area.

“As soon as we have the hover, we can see what’s happening in the building,” said Chief John D. Tiso.

“And then we can immediately give the information in an emergency to the occupants.

It’s a lot faster than going to a building and calling for help, so that’s the benefit that we have.”

The National Police Tactical Operations Center is another organization that is using drones to save lives and save property.

“We’re seeing more and more people use these devices, and the more people that are using them, the better we can be as a service provider,” said David A. DeFilippis, NTPOC’s chief technology officer.

The NTPOSC also recently partnered with other companies to develop and distribute an app called “The Big Book of Aerial Safety,” which gives citizens the ability use a virtual reality app to see the details of fire safety issues in their area.

In the U-turnThat’s not all.

In New York recently, there was a dramatic change to how the fire department operates with drones.

Earlier this year, the city of New York adopted a policy allowing people to use them to help them locate burning buildings.

This allowed them to be more proactive in their efforts to save the lives of people trapped inside buildings.

“I believe that using drones and being able to use that as a tool that people can use to locate buildings is a good thing,” said New York Police Chief Joseph G. Porchetti.

“Because I think the more we can use it in the community, the safer the community is.”

The NCPOSC, meanwhile, is continuing to develop its pilot program.

In addition to the NTPOsC’s pilot program and the Big Book,

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