Aerial Ladder Operations

I recently got to try out the new DJI Phantom 2.

After having flown it for the last two weeks, I’ve already seen the new features.

So I wanted to share my thoughts on what’s new and what I’ve been using to stay on top of my drones.

Here’s what I learned:The new DJIS Phantom 2 has a new camera and a newer, higher resolution sensor, and the drone is a bit bigger.

That makes it a bit easier to see what’s going on in the sky.

The camera is much faster and more precise.

It takes pictures of objects up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) away.

The higher resolution has a smaller, smaller sensor, so it takes pictures much smaller.

The new camera also has a “light detection and ranging” sensor, which allows the camera to detect light from objects closer than the one you’re looking at.

That allows the drone to get more accurate information about where objects are.

You can even change the sensor mode and take pictures at night and night-time.

I also noticed the drone’s display has improved with the new camera.

I had to set the display to show a higher resolution to be able to see the information on the display.

It’s nice to see that.

DJI also introduced a new navigation system, called “Fly by Voice.”

It uses a built-in app that lets you set the distance to the flight path and then a smartphone app that uses a GPS signal to navigate.

It also lets you tell the drone where to go by tapping the screen.

The app will then tell you where to land.DJI has also redesigned the camera.

The Phantom 2 uses the same 12-megapixel sensor as the Phantom 1, but now has a larger, faster processor, which makes it more accurate.

The DJI app also has more useful info on the screen, like the location of objects in the surrounding sky.

That includes things like altitude, altitude readings, distance to objects, and how far away objects are from you.

You also get a lot more information on where you are and how much fuel you’re using.

It’s easy to make an emergency landing if you lose your sight and/or your eyesight, which is the case with most drones.

But you don’t need to worry about it.

If the Phantom 2 is landing correctly, you can use the same app to find out where you should land.

DJIs Phantom 2 also has an improved camera.

It can show you more detail and make a better picture.

If you’re flying in low-light, you may want to be more careful when you look at the Phantom, since the camera’s high-resolution sensor can be very bright and bright objects can cause problems.

The new camera is a lot better at getting accurate information.

It will take pictures of a moving object at a much faster rate than before, and you can see the object moving with the camera on your screen.

In other words, it can see things at a higher level of detail.

The larger sensor is able to pick up more detail, which will help it get a better idea of what’s happening.

The bigger sensor also means that it’s much easier to keep the camera pointed at the object you want to photograph, which can help make it easier to get a good shot.

The drone is easier to fly if you’re not a big person.

I found that it was easy to fly, but the Phantom was still too big to carry around.

But the new drone has a much smaller footprint, which means it’s easier to pack for a bigger family.

It also has new navigation and camera features.

The navigation system now has more information than before.

It shows you the route to the nearest airport, the distance from the nearest landing zone, the direction you’re heading and how many miles you need to go.

The DJI App is a good way to find the nearest airfield.

And the DJI Mobile App lets you add your own information and routes.

You’ll also be able view other people’s flights from within the app.

DJis app also lets users send voice commands.

You will be able send voice prompts to the Phantom and the app will respond.

You can tell the DJIs app to turn off the lights if you want the camera and drone to stay at night.

You have to turn them back on manually.

The lights have been turned off automatically by default in the app and will come back on if you turn them on manually, but it’s not always easy to tell the difference between when the lights are on and when they’re off.

The Phantom 2 can take a lot of pictures.

DJAs app lets you save the images, and DJI has added new features like stitching and auto-crop to make it possible to keep a bunch of pictures in one app.

And DJI is taking some pictures from the Phantom with its new camera

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