Aerial Ladder Operations

Pakistani soldiers have to deal with drones.

That’s why Pakistan’s elite military has to be stationed at the heart of its aerial operations.

In 2015, a number of Pakistan’s armed forces conducted their own drone strikes in the country, which prompted the US to issue an unprecedented statement about the countrys military’s role in the conflict.

“We do not have a strong relationship with Pakistan.

It is not an ally,” US President Donald Trump said at the time.

“But Pakistan has a long record of destabilising the region.”

In 2017, Trump also reiterated his concerns about Pakistan’s drone programme, telling reporters in New York that “Pakistan’s leadership, in particular, is responsible for all of this.”

In June, the US military suspended its drone strike programme in Pakistan, citing the country’s “hostile and violent attitude towards civilians.”

The US has also been accused of using drones against US-backed armed groups in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been at loggerheads with the US over the use of drone technology in its war against terror groups.

In 2015, the Pakistan government banned the US-made Predator drone and the US subsequently stopped using the technology in the armed forces.

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