Aerial Ladder Operations

Airline safety is an important consideration when choosing to fly.

The following article explains which airlines are the safest to fly in and what to look out for when flying on them.

Airline Safety Index, by the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) has been compiled to assess the safety of all the major airlines in the world.

It ranks the safety features of the airlines based on the number of safety incidents reported each year.

The airlines also have their own safety standards, including minimum operating requirements, minimum maintenance requirements and airworthiness standards.

The safety index shows the number and severity of accidents, fatalities and injuries each year, based on data from the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The ASN Air Safety Index is based on a methodology that uses data from its international partners.

This includes air crash reports from accident investigations conducted by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and international air crash investigations conducted and published by aviation experts, such as the International Civil Air Transport Association.

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