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In the last year, a number of companies and companies in the space industry have been looking to the skies for inspiration.

They’ve done it all from building space vehicles to using robots to build spacecraft, to building unmanned spacecraft to launch from the ground.

But one company, Orbital ATK, has been trying something a little different.

“What we’ve been able to do, with this new [orbital] rocket, is to build an unmanned spacecraft, that’s not rocket, that can be launched by a single-seat spacecraft, a manned spacecraft,” said Scott Lang, the company’s project manager for the Dragon 2 spacecraft.

“That’s what we’re trying to do in the new program.

And we’ve got some amazing people in the lab.

And they’re really excited about it.”

For now, however, that doesn’t mean the company is taking things too far.

“We have no plans to build any manned spacecraft that are going to launch by an orbital vehicle,” Lang said.

“The program is going to focus on doing something that’s really novel, and it’s going to be very challenging.”

It’s something Orbital ATK hopes to make clear to prospective investors at a June 6 conference.

For the first time, the team is planning to make their rocket reusable.

“This is really something that we’re excited about,” Lang told Polygon.

“I’ve been involved with this for a long time, and I’ve never been more excited about anything in the entire history of rocketry.

It’s not just the first thing that’s been done.

We’re very excited about the possibility of it happening.”

The plan to build a reusable rocket is the first step in what the company calls “the most important part of the mission.”

The team is hoping to begin testing the rocket’s reusable components by 2020, and Lang is aiming to launch the first mission in 2021.

That mission, called Dragon 2, will be the first manned flight of a Dragon 2 in space.

It will be piloted by astronauts on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The Dragon 2’s launch date is still to be announced, but it is expected to occur sometime in 2021 or 2022.

The goal is to launch Dragon 2 and then the spacecraft back into the atmosphere to rendezvous with another spacecraft.

If the flight goes as planned, the Dragon spacecraft would be able to return to Earth.

That would be the same as a rocket being re-entered from the launch pad and landing in a runway, a task that the team has been able do successfully.

The Falcon 9 booster has been used to launch rockets before, including Falcon 1, but Lang said Dragon 2 will be different.

It is going for a mission that will take the Dragon to a point that it’s in a different orbit from the booster.

It won’t be in the same geosynchronous transfer orbit, the one used to fly satellites into low Earth orbit.

The company also said Dragon2 will be reusable.

When the first Dragon mission lands on Earth, it will be a single piece of equipment, which will then be sent back to Earth for re-entry.

That is something that will happen many times, the first of which will be after Dragon 2 has flown.

“It’s the most important thing for us to do,” Lang explained.

“Our primary goal is not just to make the mission fly, but to make it reusable.”

The Dragon spacecraft will not be the only thing the team plans to make reusable.

The second phase of the program will focus on getting the spacecraft into a stable orbit.

That means that when Dragon 2 re-emerges, the spacecraft will be loaded with science experiments.

That way, if the mission goes well, the crew can return to their homes and start studying the planet.

Lang said the team still has many ideas for what this mission could look like, but he is confident that the spacecraft can get it done.

“These are all great ideas, but we’ve gotta have a mission where we can do it, so that’s the goal,” Lang added.

The team has already done some work on how to get the spacecraft to orbit safely.

The first step, Lang said, is finding a way to put a capsule that’s able to stay in an Earth-facing orbit for a while.

“So you’re going to have to do some kind of maneuvering,” Lang pointed out.

“You’re going have to get a capsule out of the Earth-side [orbit], then put it into an orbit that’s close to the Earth.

And then you have to land on a suitable surface that’s suitable for the capsule.”

The capsule that will be used to land Dragon 2 is expected be a modified version of one that was used in the first flight of Dragon 1.

The modified capsule has two large landing legs, each about 30 feet long, which can hold the capsule for about two minutes.

The landing legs will also help make the Dragon capsule stable during re-flight, which means the

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