Aerial Ladder Operations

TALEM, Germany – Two men from Germany are on their way to rescue a couple from an air crash after their helicopter crashed while trying to rescue them.

The two men were on their first flight as a crew in the Rheinische Tauber (RT) helicopter, which was transporting a passenger to hospital in the town of Kalmar.

The helicopter was on its way from a remote area in southern Germany to a hospital in Kalmar when it crashed about 5km (3 miles) from the town.

The RT helicopter was carrying a family of five people, one of whom was injured.

The injured man was flown to the hospital in a helicopter.

The Rheina Tauber was carrying the family of seven people, including the family’s daughter, who was also on the flight.

The crash happened on Sunday at about 8:00pm local time (12:00am GMT).

The RT helicopter crashed on the mountain road between Rheine-Altes-Papenhausen and Kalmar, where the family was staying.

The RT crew were not injured in the crash.RT said the pilot and co-pilot had been airlifted to a nearby hospital.

RT said the helicopter crew and passengers were unhurt.

“It’s a tragic accident,” said Karl-Michael Rau, a spokesman for the RT.

The flight to the Kalmar hospital is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

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