Aerial Ladder Operations

In a world that is increasingly obsessed with drones and the next big thing, it’s a lot easier to become a tanker driver, an aerial lift operator, or an aeroplane operator.

In this video, John Clements discusses what he has learned while doing his work and why he wants to continue his career in the aviation industry.

In an era of drones, where drones are becoming increasingly popular, you can expect to see the drone operator-aircraft operator transition from the background of the aircraft to the foreground of the skies.

Clements, who is currently an aerial maintenance technician for a private airfield in North Dakota, says that he started his career as a drone operator, but after he was promoted to an aerial operations position, he began to take the lessons learned from the industry and apply them to his own job.

He’s now a tanker operator and an aircraft operations instructor, which means he can fly drones in support of other pilots, or he can take them into battle.

His drone, a DJI Phantom 4, is capable of flying over the battlefield and can fly to a location that’s out of range of other aircraft, like the airport, where he can quickly dispatch drones to deliver food, medical supplies, or other critical supplies.

Cements video shows him flying drones over a battlefield and the pilot’s reaction to the situation.

“The drone is just there to help,” Clements says in the video.

“It’s there to support other people in the field.”

The drones in the background are used to deliver supplies, like food and medical supplies.

Source: National Geographic article

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