Aerial Ladder Operations

Posted June 09, 2019 05:21:18Australian air and ground crews have been using an aerial operations system to monitor the devastation wrought by a major bushfire in Victoria.

Key points:A pilot and a crew member of the Air Rescue Unit were among those who made the decision to use the drone to fly autonomly over Victoria’s Victoria Fire and Emergency Service (VEES) headquartersThe VES is in Victoria’s Northern Region, where the blaze broke out last weekA new pilot and crew member have been deployed to Victoria’s VES headquarters to help with the responseThe pilot and his team of five are part of a new group of aerial operators working to help control the situation in the state.

The VFS says the VES has been forced to shut down its operations because of the fire.

But the group are working to establish an unmanned aerial system to help the VFS monitor the situation and bring more support.

The operation began after the fire broke out on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday morning, with firefighters battling a brush fire in the central region of the state in Victoria, a state government spokesman said.

The Victoria Fire Service says crews from the VFW, the Victorian Emergency Service, the Department of Primary Industries, the Western Australia Department of Emergency Services and the Bureau of Meteorology are all involved in the operation.

The Victorian Fire Service said a large number of bushfires were burning across Victoria and a team of six aerial operators were deployed to help, the spokesman said in a statement.

“It is the first time in the history of the VFES that a helicopter has been used for aerial operations.

It is also the first helicopter to operate in the bush fire sector,” the spokesman added.”

The helicopter crew have worked closely with the VFs aerial operations team to ensure that all the aircraft operating were operating safely and safely within their boundaries.”

These operations were supported by VFS air ambulance support and a helicopter from the Western Australian Department of Fire and Rescue.

“The helicopter will also be able to carry out surveillance flights.

The group has been working to develop a “sophisticated” system that could be used by the VEs aerial operations crew.

The team has been looking at using drones, remote sensing systems and other technologies to monitor fire hotspots and ensure they are contained, the VFES said.

A total of 1,700 firefighters have been called out to fight the blaze, with more than 200 firefighters battling the fire in Victoria in the last week.

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