Aerial Ladder Operations

Helicopters have dropped food into an area where the devastating floods have ravaged the north Queensland coast.

Key points:Aerial lift operation will be conducted from the base to the airport in QueenslandA helicopter will fly to the area from the airport to pick up suppliesThe operation will last around an hourThe food will be distributed by the ABCA helicopter is expected to take off from the Base of Operations, in Wagga Wagga, about 10 kilometres from the port city of Bundaberg.

The operation, which is expected on Wednesday, will involve a helicopter carrying a load to the Bundabagganah River in Bundabeg, in a controlled area.

It will be followed by an aerial lift operation by the air ambulance, which will transport food to Bundabaganah Hospital, where local residents have been receiving treatment.

Mr Jones said it was important for people to be able to access food and drink.

“The helicopter drops food into Bundabaga, and we know Bundabigans have been devastated by the flood, so this will help them get their daily needs,” he said.

The food, which includes bread, rice and noodles, will be delivered by the Australian Helicopter Service (AHAS) helicopter, which operates out of Bundaborah Airport.

It is expected the operation will take about an hour.

Mr Davis said the area was devastated by heavy rainfall and flooding.

“It has caused huge damage to the rural areas of Bundagong, and the community has been suffering,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“I think this is a good opportunity to provide assistance.”

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