Aerial Ladder Operations

Airborne has officially announced its first batch of cryptocurrency mining equipment, offering a $50,000 bountiful bounty for anyone who can build a mining rig.

The company, which is based in the United States, said on Wednesday it would begin accepting orders on October 27 for its Aero Precision 100, a 10-foot-tall tower of mining equipment with an aluminum base and a custom aluminum-and-steel frame that can accommodate more than 80 miners.

Airborne CEO Andrew Latham said he and his co-founder, Aaron Cressey, had hoped to launch a company that would become the most popular and secure mining platform for cryptocurrencies.

But that didn’t happen, he said.

Instead, the company has developed a mining solution that combines the advantages of a centralized mining pool and a decentralized mining pool.

It aims to be more than just a mining service, Latham told reporters.

The Aero Precision 200 includes a quad-core Intel Atom X5100 with 6GB of RAM, four gigabytes of flash memory and a 500GB hard drive, Lascaux said.

The company said it will also offer a 256GB SSD and 256GB SATA drives, but declined to provide additional information.

The team is using a proprietary algorithm that calculates hashes of cryptocurrencies using a mathematical model developed by cryptographer Ryan Binder, who previously built the famous Satoshi Nakamoto Coin.

The Crypto Mining Club, which has an active Facebook page, also plans to launch an air-mining service for the Aero Precision, as well as other crypto-mining services.

The Airborne company will have to convince investors to fund its initial investments, but the team said it would do well in the first half of 2018.

The launch of Airborne comes at a time when cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly popular.

Companies such as Crypto MiningClub, Xtreme Mining, CoinTerra, and Crypto Mining Labs have been raising money for years to build hardware and software capable of mining cryptocurrency.

But mining hardware is expensive, and the technology relies on the computing power of individual computers.

Lascaures said Airborne aims to reduce that cost and reduce the number of computers needed.

The Airborne team will be the first to sell mining equipment to cryptocurrency miners and to customers, Lascaraux said, adding that it is planning to sell equipment to other companies.

The firm has not announced the price for the initial batch of mining machines, but Lascaraus said it is “reasonable.”

The Aero Precision is currently priced at $50K, which he said is a “competitive price.”

The Airborn team will begin accepting payments by mail and PayPal on October 26, and Lascarais said they will accept bitcoin and ether as well.

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