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The NSA is apparently already collecting phone metadata from every phone in the U.S., which means it can search for data on the phones of millions of Americans every day.

According to a New York Times report, the NSA has access to the contents of phones without a warrant.

This means it is able to search for information that is about someone, even if the person is not the target of the search.

The NSA is not just collecting metadata on people.

It is also looking at phone conversations.

In the NSA’s case, they have access to all calls and text messages.

This means that the NSA can get phone numbers, call time, and even location information from every call made in the country.

This makes the NSA able to access any phone in America, even ones owned by people they have no way of knowing.

The Times reports that this access is so extensive that the agency has obtained “about 80 percent of the phone calls made in a two-week period, a period that began in mid-October.”

This means the NSA is now able to get all the information about every phone call made by every American.

The report adds that the “phone calls that have been obtained by the NSA, including the content of calls, include the content, timing and location of the calls, as well as the time and duration of calls.”

It is unclear how the NSA obtained these phone metadata.

The Times reports are vague on this, so the agency is not commenting.

It is not known how many Americans have had their phone numbers or conversations searched.

The NSA does not say.

However, a spokesperson for the NSA told the Times that it does not get a warrant to search data.

The spokesperson added that it would be illegal for the agency to disclose that information to a third party without obtaining a warrant, and that it was “a legal process that would require the court to sign off on the process.”

The Times report comes as Congress and the Trump administration are investigating whether the NSA violated the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment by secretly collecting metadata from American citizens without warrants.

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