Aerial Ladder Operations

Driver operators of aerial pumps of tulip are getting paid for pushing them from the ground to the surface.

The operation is happening at a time when tulip prices are being pushed up by the central bank’s Rs 1,000-crore hike in November.

The TDFP operation will be done by a group of drivers who will be paid Rs 2,500 per hectare of land to push the tulip into the ground, according to an article published on the company’s website.

“We are making the first payments of Rs 2.50 per hectre of land,” TDFI president Ashish Kumar said.

TDFIP, the Indian Tulip Industry Development Board, is a private company that owns a land-survey company called KK Tufaili that operates aerial pumps in various parts of the country.

KKT has been contracted by Tulip Growers to conduct aerial surveys in the state of Tamil Nadu, where the state’s tulip harvest is being pushed.

The survey work is part of a nationwide initiative to monitor crop yields and harvest and provide a clear picture of crop viability in the country, the agency said.

“The pilot will begin at 9 am on Saturday.

After this, we will take over the job of surveying tulips, planting the seedlings and harvesting, TDFi said.

It said it will pay drivers Rs 2 lakh to carry the pumps to the soil, where they will push the seedling to the ground.

The first batch of drivers will receive Rs 2 crore each, the group said in a statement.

The group said the operation is being conducted with a view to helping the Tulip industry recover from the recent crop stress.

Tulip growers and farmers have been protesting against the central government’s hike in the price of tulips and for the creation of an insurance fund to compensate farmers and farmers affected by the crop loss.

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