Aerial Ladder Operations

A series of recent reports has highlighted the problems aerial pump operators are facing, particularly after the launch of the new Dronesport airlift service. 

In addition to having their hands on the drone delivery line, the operators are dealing with issues related to fuel supply and maintenance, which has forced operators to rely on third party suppliers for their fuel supplies. 

 As well as this, they are dealing with issues relating to the new service.

The service was originally set up by drone operator John Mottram to supply the Dronesports supply chain with spare parts for the airlift of drones.

However, there were a number of issues which have resulted in this line of work becoming increasingly reliant on third parties. 

One of the issues which led to the service becoming reliant on suppliers was the introduction of a new drone service that is only available to the drone operators.

With the introduction, drone operators have to find alternate means of supply, which led some operators to abandon their existing drone supply chains. 

As a result, some drone operators are now relying on the supply of spare parts from drone parts suppliers. 

This was one of the major issues highlighted in the recent reports.

As a consequence, operators have struggled to find the correct parts for their drones, which is why the service is no longer available for purchase by drone operators, according to drone operators themselves.

John Mottrum, the owner of Droneports and Dronespans, said that the service has been in operation for several years now and has been a great source of support for operators.

He said: We have always been a supplier to our customers, and it is very difficult for us to keep up with the demand for our parts, so we are not able to make the service available to drone pilots in a timely manner.

One of DroneParts’ new suppliers, ATC Systems, has now agreed to supply John Mow’s new drone supply line.

However, the supply contract with ATC has been terminated due to the launch issues, which has put the service into a “state of limbo”.

John and DroneParts have contacted The Sport Bible for a response. 

We will update this article as soon as we receive one.

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