Aerial Ladder Operations

The Australian Air Force is trying to expand its aerial operation capabilities with the purchase of the latest and greatest aerial apparatus, the AAS-8.

The $2.5 million AAS8 Super-Tractor will enable the Air Force to expand the range of its aerial operations.

“The AAS 8 Super-tractor is designed for the military to operate up to 15 tonnes payloads on short take-off and landing, while being equipped with the latest in technology systems, including the Airborne Aerial Command (AAC), AAS and Advanced Airborne Command (AAAC),” said an Air Force press release.

“The AAC-8 is designed to perform the most challenging and demanding missions, while providing high precision aerial control and intelligence-gathering capabilities.”

The ATS-7 Super Hawk was developed to deliver the same high performance capabilities.

The AAGA-8 Super Hawk is the newest addition to the AAF’s aerial operations family, which includes the ATS, AAG and AAG-9 aircraft.

The Air Force has deployed the AAGs to support Australia’s multinational military operations and in support of Australian and United Nations peacekeeping missions.

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