Aerial Ladder Operations

Air conditioners are the go-to tool of modern life and there is an entire industry dedicated to making them affordable.

But what about the cost of buying and maintaining them?

That’s where this aerial trucking service comes in.

This trucking company is offering free-of-charge aerial truck servicing and truck maintenance for two months. 

The service will cost you Rs 5,000 per month and you will be given the option to upgrade the system.

The company has also put up an ad on its website asking for feedback.

The service comes with all the necessary tools for you to operate the aerial truck.

A lift to clear the trailer and a crane to move the trailer to the site are also included.

The truck will arrive at the site at the required time and will depart at the same time.

The company has even posted an online job board where you can submit a detailed query.

The service will be offered in three different modes: Free aerial truck service  with two trucks to the location of the customer and one to another location (up to 100 people) Free air-ground truck service with two trucks and two people to the customer location (100-150 people)The truck will come equipped with an air conditioning unit, a power supply, and other equipment.

The air conditioner, for instance, can be set to 60 degrees Celsius and the power supply can be switched to 40% of capacity.

The customer will be required to set up a special spot for the truck.

The driver will take charge of the truck from the spot and can drive it to a specific location.

The person in charge of maintaining the truck is not the customer.

The vehicle will also be available at any of the company’s locations in the country.

The aerial truck will be available for two weeks and it will cost Rs 5 lakh per month. 

According to the website, the company will also offer free aerial truck maintenance and maintenance for up to two months for a total of Rs 8,000. 

This is not a very attractive option to be running an aerial truck in India.

There are so many other services available, including road repair, truck repair, and maintenance of mobile phones. 

For those who have no choice but to get the aerial services, the cost per person will be a bit more than the cost for the free aerial service. 

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