Aerial Ladder Operations

Udemy, the online educational platform that launched earlier this year, is now offering a course on drone operations that aims to teach students how to use drones to take down planes, drones and other aircraft.

The Udemy drone course is a collaboration between Air Force Research Laboratory and the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Operations Command, according to the Air Force.

The Air Force said that students will be able to use a variety of tools and techniques to take out targets using drones, as well as other drones, including manned aircraft.

Udemy said it is working with the Air Support Command to make the course available on the company’s platform, Air Support.

Udya says the drone course “provides a detailed introduction to the technology and tools required to use the Airman’s Drone, and the tools used to control, maintain, and recover the drone from an incident.

The course covers all aspects of the Drone from flight to maintenance to mission control, with an emphasis on understanding and controlling the drone’s functions and operations.”

Udemy says the course is designed for pilots who want to learn how to operate drones, and will be offered through a variety, including classes, lectures, workshops and video tutorials.

Udacity, another online education company, is offering drone training through its Udemy platform.

The company has been providing drone training for more than 10 years, according its website.

“Drones are increasingly an integral part of our modern military operations.

The skills required to operate a drone in a combat environment will change rapidly as technology advances, and as new capabilities are introduced to the industry.

We will continue to invest in the industry, and continue to make drones available to our students and to our community of users,” Udacity said in a statement.

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