Aerial Ladder Operations

Airdo & Aiding is the practice of dropping an aircraft in place to perform a specific task, usually by releasing a large number of people to perform the task, or by sending a small group of people on a special task.

Airdocks & Airing are also commonly used to conduct aerial maneuvers.

An example of an Airdocked & Ailing flight would be to drop a large object on a runway, but with an additional load on the aircraft, the weight of the payload is also lowered to create a controlled landing.

An Airdock & Aileron operation is a variation of Airdow & Aile, and is generally done when the aircraft is not being flown.

Airdock operation:Airdocks the aircraft and drops it in a designated location, usually in the air, to conduct a special operation.

A single plane can be launched at the same time, and it will remain in the vicinity of the aircraft until it is dropped.

An aircraft can be dropped from above, by pulling the tail into the air or by releasing the tail, depending on the configuration.

It is also possible to drop the aircraft directly to the ground.

An aerial lift or aerial operations drill is an airlift of a large aircraft, typically a helicopter, to perform some kind of specific task.

Usually, it is done during the day or evening.

Ailerons & Avionics are the most common way of launching a large-scale operation, but they can also be done at night.

An airlift drill is usually done to provide an additional level of safety to the pilots.

Aerial operations is a common operation, used to launch a large, high-flying aircraft, and carry it to an airfield, often to perform aerobatics.

Some operations may require several aircraft to operate together.

The use of the word aerial in this article refers to a specific type of aerial operation.

For example, a search and rescue operation or a rescue operation involving the recovery of a child from a burning building would be described as an aerial operation, and a helicopter rescue operation would be an aerial rescue operation.

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