Aerial Ladder Operations

U.N. weapons inspectors have documented at least 10 instances in which U.K. and U.C.B. have struck Islamic State-held territory, the head of the U-N’s weapons watchdog said Wednesday.

The U. N. weapons watchdog’s special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Syria, Nadim Houry, said in an interview with The Associated Press that at least one U.M.O. strike had killed four civilians.

He said he had received preliminary information from investigators that the U.-M.

Os had carried out at least five strikes against Islamic State positions in western Syria.

He did not give details about what strikes had been carried out.

The group also has a presence in northern Syria near Raqqa.

The U.B.’s presence in Raqqa is considered a security risk by the UN.

Security Council, which imposed sanctions on the group in December.

The strikes in Syria have not been linked to Islamic State by the organization, but Houry said it is possible.

“If the U.,C.M.,U.K., or U.A.F. are targeting a group that is actively engaging in hostilities with a foreign country, they have a responsibility to prevent that from happening,” he said.

Hours earlier, the U.’s envoy to the UU.

N., Martin Kobler, told the Security Council that the United States was in contact with the United Nations on the situation in the region.

He did not specify which nations.

The United States and the United Kingdom were the main backers of the campaign against Islamic States in Syria.

The two countries launched a coalition in September 2015 to oust Islamic State from the country, but have since stepped back from that campaign.

Kobler said there were many other countries that have been working with the U,C.C.,U-M.A.,U.-M.-A.U.S., but the United Arab Emirates was the largest contributor to the coalition.

The coalition has also included other countries from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, Kobler said.

The Security Council’s five permanent members, including the United states, Russia, China, Britain and France, are due to vote on a new resolution on Syria at a meeting next week.

The resolution will allow for a Security Council vote on the issue, known as a resolution of accession, but not on a peace deal.

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